The exotic fruit and vegetable supplier, Frunar International, helps provide easier access to wholesome, nourishing food. At Frunar, we are affiliated with the top producers based in Colombia and the rest of South America. All of our products are of the highest quality.

At Frunar International, we promote diversity and integrity. Our hardworking farmers harvest and handpick the best of tropical fruits and vegetables to promote the quality supply of fresh fruits and vegetables. We have walked the fields, gardens, and climbed the exotic hills throughout South America.


We have a vast network of international farmers and growers who cultivate exotic fruits and vegetables most sustainably. Frunar International combines eco-friendly farming techniques that have been perfected with time.
Our products are grown on the exotic hills and fields of Colombia. But we also obtain exotic fruits and veggies from farms all over the Globe. We offer a wide variety of fruits and vegetables with unique taste and absolute goodness! The supplied products are of greater quality and offer incredible nutritional value.
Frunar International is playing a dynamic role to strengthen the supply chain by meeting the needs of farmers and clients alike.
You can enjoy the deliciousness of our fresh foods without any safety concerns since our farms and growers comply with international health and safety standards. We are greatly committed to producing products that have minimal impact on the environment.
Frunar International diligently monitors and examines its farms to offer the very best of fresh and natural products. We are the champions of green technology and environmentally friendly farming techniques.

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