Music Publishing Administration

Welcome to CTSO Music

We say you make the music, we shall take care of the rest. Will handle all aspects of your music publishing needs including but not limited to worldwide song registrations, worldwide royalty collection, licensing, administration, pitching and working your catalogue.

Will collect your royalties around the world, from every single place that pays royalties. Not some places or most places, all places. We fight for people to get paid their fair share.

With us, you retain ownership of your intellectual property at all times. You can sign away your rights and future to a multinational corporation with tens of thousands of clients, who will treat you like a number, or you can sign with us, will treat you like family and offer a transparent service. We only offer administration deals – no co-pubs, no hybrid deals, no options, no five-year collection periods. There are no tricks in our deal.

If your songs are earning money now, why give up ownership of your publishing, and a large share of your future income for a big advance, when all the money is within arms reach?

We work for you, and not the other way around. We are not venture capital funded, and we are not an investment play. We do one thing and we do it well. We get your money.

Specialist Services

Neighboring Rights Collect

Guide and advise on how to collect these royalties yourself and retain 100% of the earnings.

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Clearance Service

Full supervision service, from sourcing the rights owners to clearing and licensing full projects. Email or call with details and will get in touch with you to discuss further.

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Sample Clearance

Sourcing the rights owners and clearing required sampled songs. Email or call with details and will get in touch with you to discuss further.

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Royalty Services

Have your own clients to pay? We use our software to set up your metadata and contracts. Then, every period you submit to us your sales and income statements and shortly after we will return individual royalty statements, in an agreed format of your choice.

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