FTC Compliant / Do-Not-Call Scrubbed Leads

All our accredited investors leads are pre-qualified / phones within 45 days for the following:

  • $1 million net worth
  • $100,000+ investable assets
  • Current active investors/multiple investments
  • Mid to high risk investments
  • Good quality, Fresh, Accurate leads
Additional Selects
  • Age
  • Income
  • Gender
  • Geo
  • IRA
  • Owners
  • We generate fresh new leads every 45 days/6 month exclusivity on each lead.

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Quality leads….. Reasonably Priced

1,500 leads at 18¢ = $270.00 3,000 leads at 11¢ = $330.00
5,000 leads at 9.5¢ = $475.00 10,000 leads at 7¢ = $700.00

We can also provide opportunity seekers, consumer leads, industry specific leads, mailing lists, telemarketing lists, affluent seniors, women investors, accredited investors, mutual fund investors and speculative investors.

To further customize your leads you may select by age, gender, geography, income and net worth.


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Since 1987 we have been providing the financial industry (ie. stock brokers, financial advisors, private placement brokers, oil & gas and commodity brokers) fresh pre-qualifed investor leads at the absolute most competitive pricing. Check out the competition. Before ordering from them, do yourself and your company a favor, CALL US! No one beats our knowledge of the industry, our service or our price. We guarantee it!


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