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“Before discovering Perfect Kinetics I had tried every bootcamp, dvd, book, and app there was for weight loss and toning and I have never reached the fitness level I am currently at with Josh. From the first day I met Josh he has been educating me on fitness and nutrition. He is not just a personal trainer running you through a set of exercises, he is extremely knowledgeable in how our muscles work, how best to exercise our bodies and how to maximize your efforts. Josh has also helped me with my diet; how to structure my meals and how much I should be eating. There are no quick fixes or crazy meal plans to follow. I follow my personalized exercise plan and log my food. Josh is always available to help tweak my meal plan and offer competent advice. The concept seems way too easy to work but it did! After a short period of time I noticed my body changing; inches disappearing, more muscle definition and more energy. My customized workout plan offers a variety of exercises to keep me from getting bored and each exercise is explained and demonstrated (many times, sometimes) to make sure I am getting the full benefit and preventing injury. Perfect Kinetics offers a friendly non-intimating environment to achieve my fitness goals.”

Finally, a training culture where everyone is welcome.

We are a kinesiology studio that believes in a teaching first method. We are not focused on quick fixes, fads or gimmicks. The reality is there are no maintainable quick fixes, in the modern world if there was a way to get in shape super-fast or get rich quick we would all know about it, and anyone that tries to sell that idea is lying to both themselves and their clients. Hard work and consistency allows for steady and maintainable progress towards your goal, it also ensures that you do not get injured. This is why we teach our clients first and foremost. We believe that teaching everyone as much as we can about exercise instead of just saying, “lift this, eat that” is the only real way to get people long-term results and success.

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Is Online Personal Training for you?

If you’re confused and unsure what to do and need trusted and accountable kinesiologists to get you great results while teaching you so that you keep and maintain your goals – then online training from perfect Kinetics could definitely be for you!

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Joshua Walker, B.Kin.,


Joshua Walker, B.Kin., CSCS-NSCA, owner/operator of Perfect Kinetics, has worked in St. John’s and surrounding area’s fitness facilities for the past several years. He has experienced firsthand the short falls that currently exist in the personal training services offered at other fitness facilities. Perfect Kinetics was created and designed to fill that void in service by adding a unique twist to bare basics program design and ensuring that everyone is treated as a unique individual, not simply a number or sale.

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Melissa Pennell’s


Melissa Pennell’s passion for sports and fitness at a young age led to her pursuing a career in health and wellness. Melissa completed her Kinesiology Degree from Memorial University. Since graduating she has worked with both the IOHS (Integrated Occupational Health Services) and HRS (Human Resource Secretariat) doing pre-employment physical testing and employee health and wellness. Melissa has expanded her services to include coaching on health living, fitness and rehabilitation training. Her passion for a healthy lifestyle and practical approach to exercise makes her a welcomed addition to the Perfect Kinetics team.

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