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Situated in Los Angeles, Lux Dz Remodeling Inc. started in 2020 as a remodeling and architectural, interior design finishing and renovation company. We also offer real estate consulting services to residential and commercial clients. Lux Dz Remodeling Inc. provides its clients with quality remodelling with help of qualified remodeling professionals, designers, trade partners, and project managers.

At Lux Dz Remodeling Inc., we hold the distinction of N.A.R.I (National Association of the Remodeling Industry) that makes us stand out in the market. As a certified remodelling company, we have acuiqred excellent craftsmen who work professionally to meet the end goals or our clients. We hold knowledge of the latest trends in the technology and remodeling sector that makes us the top choice of our clients.

Let us add value to your space and make it a place where love quality and compassion prevails. Our knowledge of remodeling and decoration can give you an enjoyable and immersive experience that is hard to find anywhere else. Come on board with us to turn your space into a en elegant and peaceful new spot.


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Consulting Services

We help clients make informed decisions regarding residential and commercial real estate.

Engineering & Architect

Our engineering and architectural services are one of a kind due to our innovative and unique approach.

General Contractor

We will take care of the construction site, manage vendors, trade, etc. for you.

Designing Services

We offer remodeling, renovation upgrading, finishing, and interior designing services to our clients.


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WhoWe Are?

The renovation, remodeling, and architectural scientists that will transform your space from top to bottom.


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