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Rewbix solves the biggest challenge with investing; where to begin. Through the use of augmented reality and machine learning, we help you become a smart, confident investor in just a few minutes.


Fractional Share Investing

Forget those platforms that require you to buy full shares of pricey investments! Rewbix allows you to invest in smaller, more affordable pieces called fractional shares, so you can buy stocks and funds with as little as $5.


Scan. Find. Invest.

Scan up to 7000+ top brands and products that you use everyday, and invest in their corresponding companies right on the spot.


Invest Early for your Kids

Though our custodial account and 529 plan, your kids and teens can track their stocks 24/7 and place trades that you approve.

How it works



Rewbix’s augmented reality browser senrich your camera display with contextual indexed stock information. For example, you can point your smartphone at a Louis Vuitton shoe and we display LMVH’s estimated stock valueand other stock related informationfor your investment needs.There are unlimited companies at your disposal.

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Once the stock of the item scanned is identified, you can invest with as little as $5 dollars. Our algorithm determines users’ risk profile by finding out the level of risk one can tolerate, and curates a diversified portfolio based on items scanned.

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Build & Manage your Portfolio

For the price of a slice of a pizza (per month), you can have unlimited access to our robust Robo – advisor tool, where we help build, manage, and grow your portfolio! You will have access to all of the following:

  • Risk assessment profile
  • Diversification tool
  • Portfolio rebalancing
  • Indicators that tells you if a stock is in a dying or emerging market
  • Headline alerts per stock that you own
  • Sends user a Notification if stock underperforms
  • Much more!

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We take steps to protect your money on Rewbix.

Let’s face it stocks are your money, and Investing does involve risk. But no matter what, the safeness of your investments on Rewbix are our number one priority. So we’ve taken protective measures to insure that you have a great experience on our platform.

With our 256-bit encryption, we use encryption to protect and secure all of your information, from personal data (like your social security number) to your transaction history.

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